Michael David Singer: Piano
Chia-Ling Chien: Cello
Composition by Michael David Singer
Recording: Spragueland Studios 

This music was conceived in representation of a daily inner work contemplative practice described by depth psychologist Carl G. Jung as “Active Imagination.” As taught to me by my life teacher Robert A. Johnson, the work consists of engaging in written conversation with one another, always as a “Dialogue of Equals.” No one possesses any claim of superiority or inferiority; the process involves differentiating and fully exposing with as much disclosure and honesty as one can stand these often conflicting or opposing views of inner component selves. The intention is to apply consciousness to bring forth elements of the unconscious and assimilate them in to conscious living, with the objective of moving in furtherance of integration and wholeness.

~ Michael David Singer
San Diego, 2012

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Special Thanks

To: Robert, for his invaluable gift, my beautiful wife Sabina, for both her musical contribution and for loving the music so much in every incarnation; Chia-Ling Chien, for giving sonorous life to the music; Peter Sprague, studio magus, for his enthusiasm and artistry; Lisa Thurston, who inspired pages flowing out of a single passage she liked; Larry Czoka, copyist and gentle critic; Drew Cady, wordsmith; Virgil Murray, who originally turned music on in me; my Dad, and my Mom, who thankfully heard the main theme before she left us.

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