Michael David Singer: Piano, composition
Carrie Skye Fischer: Voice
Recorded At: Spragueland Studios, Encinitas, CA
Release Date: 2004


Some wisdom traditions teach that there is a universal sound current that is the numinous essence of life. It is sometimes called the audible life stream, the Shabd, the Music of the Spheres, or, simply, AUM. Most religions hold that the beginning of life was the word. A compatible view is that the word is sound, and the initiatory sound is AUM – the only sound that is not produced by friction. Both ancient teachings and modern science agree that all that exists consists of dynamic, vibratory energy.

The AUM sign is a central symbol of traditions that focus on development of awareness and consciousness.

AUM is the primordial life force that surrounds us, from which we have come into life and to which we will return afterward. If we can close our eyes and shut off our inner ears from the spontaneous activity of the mindstuff, we hear internally the sound without friction, a humming vibration around and within everything. It is said that those who devote their lives to meditation on the sound current will ultimately reach the divine melody of the Universal AUM, the Breath of Life. Music has the capability of reconnecting us to universal sound. External tones can find consonance with internal AUM. Or not. Anyway, I tried.

~ Michael David Singer
San Diego, 2004

"Etheric, angelic voice with piano and classical chamber music for string quartet and duet. This original music inlcudes themes evocative of dramatic film scores, traditional classical and a dash of 20th Century composers. Soothing and satisfying."  - CD Baby

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Special Thanks

This music, asleep in my head, woke up one night in 2001 at a friend's house called Casa Lobo. One after another, my friends went to the front of the room to play and sing their songs. Tom Hamilton, Todd Lineback, Mike Baker, Rick Starbuck, Nick Randolph and probably others I can't remember. All of us in the room were delighted to see and hear their self-expression. Not to mention that they are all hot musicians and the tunes were good. Something inside clicked, and I knew it was time to make this music.

And of course, I'm able to do so because Sabina-Schoenste loves it so much.

Dedicated to the memory of Marianne Roth Mellakh, 1962-2004. Your laugh, your ease at life, and just the fun of you will never be forgotten. Your sunlight still shines on our hearts (roughly: La tua luce solare ancora illuminare i nostri cuori).
I wish you were still here.

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